​​Many people go through life without ever discovering their purpose. They die with their music still in them, never to be heard.

                                                  Dr. John Ellis

Being the youngest of 10 children and losing both his parents at an early age. John discovered within himself the power of self-motivation. Out on his own in southern Illinois by the age of 16 he developed incredible people skills which included empathy for others, problem-solving abilities and a willingness to work with others toward a common good.

  • John joined the Navy, where he was the recipient of Special Accommodation.
  • Became a realtor, where he quickly became a top producing agent multiple years, receiving an award for being ranked in the top 100 out of 80,000 agents
  • Purchased a real estate franchise, which he successfully grew into four locations and 150 agents. Because he is an exceptional marketing and sales manager, his offices received the highest franchise award every year for the top 50 offices nationwide out of 2800.
  • Founder & CEO of VA Homes a National Relocation/Mortgage Company, assisting military personnel and veterans on a national basis.
  • Co-Author of "How to Buy a Home Using Your V.A. Benefits",.
  • Residential & Commercial Lot Developer, where he was responsible for all aspects of the land development
  • Chief Executive Officer & General Contractor.
  1. Building over 65 single family homes per year
  2. Commercial builder for Federal buildings including land acquisition, lease negotiations.
  3. Developer/Builder Investor of multi-use structures and strip malls.
  4. Oversight of HR Functions 100 Vendors.
  5. Developed lots in multiple states.
  • Platinum Partners with Anthony Robbins 
  • ​Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine
  • ​Sales Trainer & Professional Business Coach / Personal Development Coach / Real Estate Coach / Health & Wellness Coach / Home Health Coach.​

​​John has over 30 years of building experience, 15 years of National Speaking/Training. 10 years of studies in environmental medicine, household environment and bio-medicine. John has an insatiable desire to learn. He knows no stranger and has a fervent devotion to solve, or at a minimum alleviate, the suffering of others. John knows no barriers. 

A favorite saying of John's is (If you want a better answer ask a better question.)

John has been married to his wife Shannon for 23 years. They have two son's, Cameron and Kaleb.

John and Shannon started studying more about natural health when their oldest son Cameron was plagued with asthma and their youngest son at age 2 was struck with autism. Together they have made a life commitment to travel the world for answers, put in hundreds of hours of research and will stop at nothing to find solutions to make their family and yours Happy, Healthy and Empowered to live out your dreams.


Cameron, Kaleb, John & Shannon

Dr. John Ellis